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Getting Into A Rhythm

Published by Srinath Soundararajan
After almost two weeks of gloom and rain, the sun has finally re-emerged from behind its veil of clouds this …
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Welcome to America

Published by Sanjidah Ahmed
“Are you from Iraq or Kuwait or…” I’m from Kansas, but that doesn’t matter. When someone asks me where I’m …
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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Published by Jason Brovich
At Legal Services, we work two days in the office and one day remotely from the University of Miami campus, …
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A Dry Week, A Dry Post

Published by Fiona Xin
Because we were so static and uninspired last weekend, our group was determined to do at least something over the …
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young woman at outdoor festival

It Doesn’t Feel Like a 9-5

Published by Kristel Black
First week at the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center and — wow — I really have no complaints. I truly …
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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Published by Fiona Xin, Jose San Martin, Jason Brovich
Rain, Rain, Go Away   Miami’s weather has been quite volatile this past week, making both work and play more …
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