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girl with blue backpack, arms raised, looking out over a rocky coastline and with water and mountains

Coming Home

Published by Anna Quinn
As I am heading back to Durham on my last flight from the Seychelles, I have mixed feeling regarding the …
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The Last Day of Camp

Published by Melissa Horowitz
It’s hard to believe that four weeks of Eureka! camp and eight weeks of DukeEngage-Orange Coun have gone by so …
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two women smiling and posing for the camera

Adding Life to Days

Published by janelramkalawan
Palliative care is often abridged to ‘end-of-life care’. It’s how the field was first introduced to me. I heard these …
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three people posing for photo in dark room

Hospitable Environment

Published by martincala
One of the goals of WindAid was to give the volunteers the opportunity to explore the people and culture throughout …
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Wrapping Up

Published by Belanie Nagiel
The past eight weeks have gone by in a blur. Every day has felt like a lifetime, packed full of …
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To My Girls

Published by Sakura Anning Yoshihara
With tears, hugs, pictures, a cake, the macarena, and the barney trap remix, Eureka! camp came to an end, and …
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Our first fosa!

Published by Courtney Werner
It was eight o’clock in the morning, day two of trap checks in Ankarafantsika National Park, Madagascar. I walked behind …
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