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A group of college students standing around a road sign

You are a Valuable Person

Published by Kenzie Jackson
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) A man is staring at me with an intense expression and a …
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Her Majesty’s Prison

Published by Carolyn Tang
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) The past few weeks that I have spent working at Her Majesty’s …
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Navigating the Legal System

Published by Ellie Pasquale
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) Sitting in the fourth floor waiting room of Miami’s immigration courthouse, Emma …
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A chalkboard at Girls Inc. in Orange County CA

Growing Pains

Published by Jenny Mazzarino
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) “But what do we do if no one at school cares if …
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A group of students listening to a presentation on the Bonneville Dam

Bonneville Dam

Published by Selene Spatz
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) Last week, the DukeEngage group went to the Bonneville Dam, located about …
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Students in Harvey Milk Plaza

Voices of Larkin Street

Published by Julia Nicholas
Volunteering at Larkin Street Youth Services is a balancing act, and the seven of us interning there this summer are still finding …
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A "Love" poster next to a bucket of markers

Silencing Skepticism

Published by Jailene Vazquez
With seven days left in this wonderful city, I find myself wanting to go back to the beginning of the …
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Students on the steps of the Supreme Court

Living in D.C.

Published by Andrew Distell
As the days led up to me leaving home to participate in DukeEngage, I kept thinking about the prospect of …
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DukeEngage students on a stage holding flowers

Finally in Zhuhai

Published by Quinn Steven
The night I left for China, I burst into tears at a restaurant my parents took me to for a …
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