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A chalkboard at Girls Inc. in Orange County CA

Checking In

Published by Kristen Buehne
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) This week, I wrote many checks to the “Girls Inc. National Bank.” …
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DukeEngage student teaching in Kolkata


Published by Sydney Jeffs
Part I (Thursday continued…) In vibrant reds and blues the backs of trucks read: “Blow Horn Please.” The request is …
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Two DukeEngage students teaching in Kolkata

My Amazingly Unamazing Day

Published by Katherine Van Dyk
Earlier today I was struggling with writer’s block. What exciting event could I possibly write about for today’s blog- our …
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Two DukeEngage students teaching in Kolkata

Excerpts from my diary

Published by Sanjukta Santra
To all of my loved ones who eagerly await my blog posts for their deep, analytical, witty, personal, beautiful, and …
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Am embroidered Palestinian dress


Published by Tae Markey
I often think about fashion as something that is relatively superficial, something that people spend too much money on, something …
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Bar Farouk Cabaret Show

Published by Kevin Wang
Friday night. While exploring different clubs, bars, and all that is Beirut nightlife is interesting, on this night, we were …
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