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people holding posters

Portland Familiarity

Published by Elliott Davis
Two weeks of DukeEngage have officially gone by. While it feels like we just arrived to Portland, there is a …
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A Not So Scary First Day!

Published by Haotian Wang
Crag Law Center, with the word “Law” in its name, made me really nervous about my first day of work …
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Portland Farmers Market

Arriving in Portland

Published by Elliott Davis
June 24, 2018 “I’m spending this summer in Portland, Oregon, a hippie liberal and sustainable city, on a Duke program …
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First Thoughts

Published by Wyatt Jernigan
June 24, 2018 I am not quite sure what I expected when I knew that I was going to be …
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Portland Vocabulary

Published by Hazel Horvath
Learn the language. Learn the culture.   Even having spent only 72 hours in the city of Portland, I have …
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Light Rail in Portland

Stumptown, or Treetown?

Published by Carol Zhou
Taking a little break from the crowded and busy Saturday Market, I was amazed by how much green space Portland …
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My new succulents (Their names are Fluffy, Kevin, Dale, and Walter)

A City Person

Published by Kristina McKean
Blog from June 24th First, I want to preface this first blog entry by saying that I have never been …
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