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From the Other Side

Published by Michelle Gao
Greetings from Durham England! I can’t believe that it has already been 5 days since we got here. Despite the …
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Arriving in Durham 2.0

Published by Michelle Qiou
Arriving and Getting Oriented When I told my friends I would be in England for four weeks, they not only …
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Shelves of books

Books and the Scrap Exchange

Published by Sarah Sculco
Before I’d even entered the building for my first day of work, I encountered something that ended up a significant …
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Some Considerations

Published by Beini Yin
Over the past 6 weeks in Durham, NC, I feel that I am slowly transitioning from a mere bystander to …
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three young people holding blocks with finance-related words

A Closer Look

Published by Beini Wang
DukeEngage is an experience I have never had before. I would say I am pretty experienced in community service and …
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When Only Isn’t so Lonely

Published by Yilmaz Oklay
My experience this summer has provoked me to think about what it feels like to be “only.” I have spent …
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The Multiple Faces of Durham

Published by Michelle Qiou
Overview of Work Last week, we OEWD interns facilitated orientation sessions for the YouthWork interns by helping to check them …
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Published by Alexander Yang
Never have I felt more like an adult than when standing on the other side of the lunch line. For …
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