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A New City

Published by Grace Sipp
I have always been a city person; I love the access to and wide breadth of culture and the convenience …
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Their Small Hands

Published by Brianna Joyce
Every morning at the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center, social workers and medical providers and casemanagers squeeze their way into …
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GoodBye NOLA

Published by Nefer Batsuli
Due to unexpected flooding and Hurricane Barry threatening a repeat of the Katrina catastrophe, Duke Engage NOLA was DisEngaged much …
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Drive Slow, Homie

Published by Christopher Klasson
I’d like to start this as an open apology to everyone that I sent flying in the Red Cross cars …
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Evacuation Station

Published by Emily Dean
When I told people I would be going to New Orleans for the summer as part of a DukeEngage service …
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Farewell NOLA

Published by Arjun Juneja
It’s 7:03 am and I wake up…not to the usual and annoying sound of my phone alarm, but something different, …
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Why Engineers Should Apply

Published by Mia de Leon
I was pretty nervous I wouldn’t get the summer experience I needed when I first applied to this program. Summers …
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