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All the Little Pieces

Published by Riya Dange
*NOTE: Some of this material may be disturbing to read. Additionally, the names of all the mothers and children have …
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Compsci in Peru

Published by Anna Sun
One of my concerns when I started the DukeEngage program was that I would be just another one out of …
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It’s the Little Things

Published by Gianna Giordano
Every day at Amantaní really is an adventure. Last Tuesday was especially interesting because Lupe had a meeting so the …
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The Importance of “We”

Published by Gianna Giordano
I have three days left at Hogar Amantaní, and I want to share some final thoughts about my time as …
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Nine to Five

Published by Julia Kaufman
(This blog is from the summer of 2016.) The realization that so many people spend so many years of their …
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DukeEngage students asisting a community partner to build a community test center

“Vamos a la Playa” ♫

Published by Katherine Guo
(This blog is from Summer of 2016.) Two volunteer groups have come and gone and it’s been less than a …
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The Midway Point

Published by Donovan Loh
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) It’s been five weeks out here in the bush in Southeastern Madagascar, …
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A DukeEngage student in Morocco

Zaouiat Ahansal

Published by Erica Onuoha
(This blog is from the summer of 2016.) It’s been an intense, eye-opening 2 months in Zaouiat Ahansal. Most times, …
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