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Two DukeEngage students teaching in Kolkata

My Name Is

Published by Abby Muehlstein
In 20 years, I never heard my name mispronounced. It’s not hard: two syllables, three distinct letters, really just a …
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DukeEngage students Louden in Ireland 2016

Determining Best Interests

Published by Louden Richason
“I want to go back to Afghanistan, and I want to be a doctor there, but a doctor that people …
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DukeEngage student Jackson Steger in Ireland 2016

The Democracy of Social Media

Published by Jackson Steger
BREAKING NEWS: DukeEngage Student Discovers That He Takes Something for Granted! I teach young people at a school for refugee …
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DukeEngage student Sara Evall in Ireland 2016

On Identity

Published by Sara Evall
As a Jewish, white, Los Angelino woman with skin dark enough to look like I could belong to most ethnicities, …
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Navigation and Amman

Published by Julia
On my first day of trying to get to the Royal Botanic Garden administrative office (where I am working this …
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Published by Ben
It is remarkable how coming to a new place can entirely change how one perceives everyday or commonplace occurrences, behaviors, …
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On the Issue of Foreign Aid

Published by Aateeb
Despite a slight Ramadan lull (to be expected when the air is suddenly clean of tobacco haze), work began to …
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