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Students observing samples of soil

Hard Work in Costa Rica

Published by Deedra McClearn
On Wednesday, June 28, Drew, Chumi, and I drove down to La Ensenada (hotel/station) on the Nicoyo Peninsula at the …
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Waste Management Projects

Published by Junette Yu
We’ve finished presenting the series of compost toilet workshops at all 10 villages around Moturiki. The feedback was very positive …
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two young men in the woods looking up in to the trees

Updates from Costa Rica!

Published by Jason Atwood, Eudora Miao
July 28th, 2017 (Wednesday)–Day 23 It’s now day 23 and things have been flying. We spent this past week at …
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two adults and four young children walking along a dusty road, mountains in background

Finding a Common Ground

Published by Steve Boland
Outside of our DukeEngage-Durban group, we have only encountered one other person from the United States. The Wentworth area and …
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A Different Side

Published by IreneKoc
This past week was our excursion week in Yunnan and it was the first time our Duke Engage group was …
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Yet Another Face of China

Published by CarolineWang
Last week was our group excursion to Yunnan, which is a province in far western China. Yunnan is known for …
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Ruben and the Fish

Published by SaraYuen
Ask any middle schooler about what kind of music they like to listen to, and <<See You Again>> by Wiz …
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Y u nnan-plussed?

Published by AdityaMantri
What we thought were humble living conditions were, in fact, far more hospitable than some of the places we saw …
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