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Week 7: Martin Garrix Was Right

Published by AthinaVrosgou
Standing at the beginning of a “path”— or whatever you would call a super narrow, steep, slippery space that wasn’t …
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Final Week in Zhuhai

Published by PamelaSurran
This past week the Duke Engage Zhuhai, China team went on our week long excursion to Yunnan. The sights, sounds, …
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The Sandlot

Published by NadiaFord
The premise of this childhood favorite is that a groups of pals come together, at first awkward, and end up …
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Living in the Clouds

Published by Megan Wong
Last week we went on an excursion to the province of Yunnan in China. Yun means cloud, and Nan means …
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My Seventh Week in China

Published by JonahSantiago
Coming upon the conclusion of my seventh week in China, there is still much to do. However, rather than worry …
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Not Quite Enough

Published by Grace Y. Cai ' 19
[Conversation with a vegetable stall owner, in Mandarin] “What kind of vegetables are these?” “Are you Chinese?” “Uhh, yes.” Great. …
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Real World of Working

Published by Raisa Reed
In a way, DukeEngage has contributed to a lot of “firsts” for me. This is my first time working a …
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Am I Really Helping?

Published by Lenae Ryan
Every day, we walk into the black building with bright red windows at 33 Church Street. We say hi to …
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The Power of a Smile

Published by Cristina Perez
Every summer, thousands of college and high school students set out on programs taking them all over the world, thinking …
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