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Meant to Be

Published by Sanjidah Ahmed
“I’m going back home. I couldn’t forgive myself if my mother passed away without me there.”   “I’ve just accepted …
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Immortality Does Exist

Published by Elizabeth Allen
Soon after I began working at Crag Law Center, I realized just how much DukeEngagers have contributed to Crag over …
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Students checking emails

Published by ivanapremasinghe
Each day brings new activities and new experiences at the Carlson School [for Cerebral Palsy in Auckland, New Zealand]. However, …
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Affecting Change

Published by Breanna Polascik
It’s hard to believe that its already been almost two months since I first arrived in Singapore and my project …
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Sticking It Out

Published by Jason Brovich
At the official 6-week mark in my DukeEngage experience, the end is just beyond the horizon, but the difficulties of …
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Caught in the Net

Published by Fiona Xin
This Tuesday was Fourth of July. Our group planned a trip to the Biltmore 2017 Fireworks Spectacular to be festive …
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Blinded from Reality

Published by Srinath Soundararajan
American flags waving everywhere. Patriotic music playing from the speakers of food trucks parked on the grass. People everywhere standing, …
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Métro, boulot, dodo

Published by Elaine Zhong
Growing up in a stereotypical Asian household, the one thing my parents never stop bugging us about is “finding a …
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