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Cape Of Good Hope

Wall of Clocks

Published by Shreyas Gupta
You know those walls with clocks from all over the world? I’ve always thought we needed one in my house. …
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Searching for Sugarman

Published by Bennett Burnes
In the hyper-connected world that we live in, it is difficult to contextualize the isolation that the apartheid brought.  However, …
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Parliament’s Charade

Published by Juliana Mayer
This week I participated in the annual celebration of Mandela Day with some of my coworkers at SACTWU. Mandela Day, …
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Disconnecting to Connect

Published by Bennett Burnes
Though I anticipated to better understand the function of race, gender, privilege, and geography on this program, I certainly did …
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Group of students on top of mountain

Free Fall

Published by Andrew Zheng
You know, I don’t think I ever really considered how transformative climbing a mountain could be. I’ve climbed two of …
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Good eggs, good hikes, good people

Published by Madeleine Scully
There is something about hiking up a mountain that makes conversations flow easier, laughter become louder and a hard boiled …
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An Awkward Visit with Mandela

Published by Zara Porter
Here in South Africa, Nelson Mandela is viewed as a higher being. With all his contributions to this country, it …
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