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Memory and Storytelling

Published by Soraya
I never thought about the correlation between memory, identity and trust until I had a conversation with one of my …
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A row of Sugarloafs in the Waipa Garden

Pineapples in the Kauai Garden

Published by Steven Herrera
It doesn’t take much for me to get excited about eating in the kitchen. If I see leftover cheesecake batter, …
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Stop Telling Women to Smile

Published by Olivia McAuliffe
One of the first things I noticed when I walked into my supervisor’s office at Sonke was a poster on …
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Where Are You From?

Published by Jamie Karl
It’s a common question and a conversation starter. People in New Orleans are incredibly friendly, and wherever we go, we …
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A Benediction of Discomfort

Published by Lily Koning
Last weekend, our group visited Peter Storey, a former bishop in the Methodist Church. We sat in a circle in …
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The Learning Never Stops

Published by Chinemerem Nwosu
When I arrived Duke, I was appalled to find out that no African language courses were offered. There is a …
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