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Published by Mia Carlyle
Every goodbye is uqinue. Each one is a reflection of what has been and what is yet to come. Graduations, …
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Bracing for Impact

Published by Toni Brown
At Larkin Street Youth Services, it costs approximately $40,000-$50,000 to place a youth through a continuum of care for one …
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The Climb

Published by Tara Vigil
Every summer, At The Crossroads (ATC), my DukeEngage partner site, organizes a hike up Mount Tamalpais (Mt. Tam) in order …
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What Has Value?

Published by Rachel Donaldson
Even after seven weeks interning at Larkin Street Youth Services, I still can’t say that I know what to expect …
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What have I gained?

Published by Ayana Crawl-Bey
As my time at DukeEngage San Francisco comes to a close, I have tried to think about the takeaways I …
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Published by Bo Yun
We only have a week left of this program and realizing the short time we have left have had me …
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Published by Luis Colon Rios
I used to think to myself that graduating from high school was not an accomplishment or milestone. I didn’t think …
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Uncomfortable Discomfort

Published by Ben Grant
My time here in San Francisco and at Larkin Street Youth Services has been a very eye-opening experience thus far. …
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A Look Within

Published by Arlene Arevalo
I often think about what I’m bringing back from my DukeEngage experience. I have previously delved into the idea of …
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