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Okay, Now I’m Stirred

Published by Olivia McAuliffe
If you read my blog post from last week, you would know that I had a couple close encounters with …
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White Allies

Published by Takiyah Johnson
As our group has been discussing issues like privilege, ethical engagement, feminism, and advocacy, I’ve recently been thinking a lot …
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Wounded Hippos

Published by Lily Koning
During Duke Engage Academy, we were told two stories. In the first of these stories, the ocean washes thousands of …
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Week 5 – Bread and Roses

Published by Sheridan Wilbur
I’m at the point in my trip where I’m beginning to question what it means to truly, engage.   Is engaging …
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people learning

#11—Kochi to Cape Town!!

Published by Arthi Kozhumam
Sunday, July 8th. After a series of flights from Kochi to Dubai and Dubai to Cape Town, we finally landed, …
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Retro Cars and Sun Soaked Days

Published by Josh Coopersmith
Everywhere you go in Cape Town, there are what look like 1980s Volkswagen Golfs everywhere. They’re small, cheap, fuel efficient, …
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