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one-story building with paintings and words on the side

The Cost of Living

Published by martincala
I’ve never been in a house with no floors. That is, I had never been in such a house until …
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girl with blue backpack, arms raised, looking out over a rocky coastline and with water and mountains

Coming Home

Published by Anna Quinn
As I am heading back to Durham on my last flight from the Seychelles, I have mixed feeling regarding the …
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The Last Day of Camp

Published by Melissa Horowitz
It’s hard to believe that four weeks of Eureka! camp and eight weeks of DukeEngage-Orange Coun have gone by so …
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Eyes Open to Complexity

Published by Beini Yin
The last day of work was a whirlwind of work and emotions. We stayed in our office area the entire …
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Looking Back at the Summer

Published by samuelpease
This summer has been an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience. I am incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to …
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three young people holding blocks with finance-related words

What is Good Service?

Published by Tiffany Jiang
In a recent reflection, we were asked to think about what constitutes “good service”. There were a few disagreeing answers, …
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DukeEngage students with a community partner

What is Good Service?

Published by Grace Mok
“What is good service?” This was the question our group attempted to tackle in last week’s reflection. I came away …
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Street Harassment

Published by Sierra Cleveland
My partner organization, OPAL, is located on the border of “Portland” Portland and East Portland — 82nd street is basically …
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Just Breathe and BME

Published by Morenike Moroof-Mustapha
BME (biomedical engineering) week: the main week that our lesson plans were showcased. We have been developing BME lesson plans …
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Orange Concentrate

Published by Theresa Tong
July 10: FIRST DAY OF CAMP!! Today was the first day of camp and I did not know what to …
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