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one-story building with paintings and words on the side

The Cost of Living

Published by martincala
I’ve never been in a house with no floors. That is, I had never been in such a house until …
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A Dream and A Nightmare

Published by nishauppuluri
I realized I was going to miss Turrialba Through a haze of mojitos and love. I watched the midwife’s bare …
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Street Harassment

Published by Sierra Cleveland
My partner organization, OPAL, is located on the border of “Portland” Portland and East Portland — 82nd street is basically …
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Real Relationships

Published by Belanie Nagiel
My goal this summer with Girls Inc. was to form real relationships with campers and to have a genuine conversation …
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The Final Countdown

Published by Bella Rivera
*the title of this blog post was inspired by Europe’s song The Final Countdown, which taunted our DukeEngage team last …
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Aude Aliquid Dignum

Published by Jason Brovich
For my last blog post of the summer, I’m going to talk about the expectations and realities of my time …
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Expectations and Reality

Published by Alexander Yang
A lot of the time that I spent in Durham, North Carolina felt like a buildup of sorts toward the …
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Reality Trumps Expectations- Week 4

Published by Morenike Moroof-Mustapha
With only two days left until the start of Eureka! camp, I learned an important lesson about reality and expectations …
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