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Hungary’s War on Human Rights

Published by Dillon Leovic
“The police grabbed the first man they saw. They grabbed him and started beating him with their batons. There was …
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Dissolving Plans

Published by Ellie Sweezy '20
I have found Duke to be a place where almost everyone has a plan. While plans are important, they can …
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South Serbia in June

Published by J.J. Moncus '19
The Hills hold much to be discovered red tile roofs poke up from trees in the valleys a lone train …
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Tram Line 7

Published by Kate Rodgers '20
Every Sunday night growing up, my brother and I raced to the living room to claim the elusive left corner …
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Not Quite Enough

Published by Grace Y. Cai ' 19
[Conversation with a vegetable stall owner, in Mandarin] “What kind of vegetables are these?” “Are you Chinese?” “Uhh, yes.” Great. …
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Published by Qasim Hadeed '20
He stands still, but that is not what defines his state, even though his eyes mirror his posture, but also …
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church and blue sky

It’s a Hot One Today

Published by Jerry Moncus
I walked up to the cashier with my ice cream bar in hand. “Okay, Harrison. You’ve done this before. You …
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group of young people standing in front of a wall of inspiring words

First Week @ BIRN

Published by Alli Fisher 19'
An attempted assassination of Montenegrin Prime Minister by Russian nationalists. Continued conflict between Serbia and Kosovo. Croatia’s largest retailer on …
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