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Leaving San Francisco

Published by Christian Tanner
It seems as though my 8 weeks in San Francisco have come and gone in the blink of an eye. …
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A New Form of Exhaustion

Published by Raisa Reed
As a Duke student, I’m equipped and prepared to deal with exhaustion. Everyone tells you before you start freshman year …
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A Boy and a Bowl of Eggs

Published by Anne Delmedico
I first learned about drugs in school. I grew up in suburban Raleigh, North Carolina. Drugs were never extremely visible …
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Two rainbow themed paintings

The Illusion of a Perfect Pride

Published by Aurelio Falconi
The Excitement is Here! I started my DukeEngage program ecstatic to spend pride month in San Francisco. My co-workers have …
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People marching in a Pride parade

SF Pride 2017

Published by Natalia Espinosa
Two weekends ago, I got to march with USF in San Francisco’s pride parade. The march route goes down Market …
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