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Never Forget the -A

Published by Morenike Moroof-Mustapha
The last week of Eureka! camp. The week when every Girls Inc counselor was a suspected food truck thief. The …
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Published by Siera Lunn
My favorite part of the final week of Eureka! was Eurekathon!, which was a celebration that consisted of dancing, singing, …
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The Last Day of Camp

Published by Melissa Horowitz
It’s hard to believe that four weeks of Eureka! camp and eight weeks of DukeEngage-Orange Coun have gone by so …
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Wrapping Up

Published by Belanie Nagiel
The past eight weeks have gone by in a blur. Every day has felt like a lifetime, packed full of …
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To My Girls

Published by Sakura Anning Yoshihara
With tears, hugs, pictures, a cake, the macarena, and the barney trap remix, Eureka! camp came to an end, and …
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Camp: Week 4

Published by Elayne Wang
The last week of camp was CSI week! The van with the food for Eurekathon (the party at the end …
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Strong, Smart, Bold

Published by Caitlyn Martinez
This was the last week of camp. It has been such a joy working with the girls I’m going to …
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Nuts and Bolts

Published by Theresa Tong
July 24 First day of robotics was as much challenging as it was fun. The plan was to let the …
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Camp: Week 3

Published by Elayne Wang
This week was robotics week at camp! On Monday morning the girls received a Lego Mindstorm kit. They were given …
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