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Looking Back, Going Forward

Published by Leah Abrams
In a shiny glass conference room on the ninth floor of the main Quicken Loans office, a tour guide asked …
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group of people wearing hard hats posing for the camera

Discovering Durham (Again)

Published by Beini Wang
The first Durham changed my view on a place I’m familiar with. And now, moving on to the other Durham, …
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Group photo inside

Operation Nightwatch

Published by Absaroka Mann-Wood
When you’re on your way to Portland, one of the things you hear a lot about is the housing crisis. …
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“You Speak Spanish?”

Published by Jason Brovich
“¿Hablas español?” It’s the most common question I’ve gotten this summer. Around Miami, I stick out like a sore thumb–blond …
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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Published by Jason Brovich
At Legal Services, we work two days in the office and one day remotely from the University of Miami campus, …
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A Dry Week, A Dry Post

Published by Fiona Xin
Because we were so static and uninspired last weekend, our group was determined to do at least something over the …
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