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Time to Do The Work

Published by Harry Liang
On the LEAH Project’s first day of summer youth training, an overcast Friday where each rain cloud that rolled over …
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Cross the Line

Published by Karen Zhao
Week 2 of camp was not any less of a rollercoaster than the first week. If anything, it was more …
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What it means to be from Duke

Published by Matt Shalhoub
After just completing our fifth week in New Orleans, I have noticed that no matter where our travels have taken …
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Meeting with the women of Saath’s Urmila program, where they are trained to work as home managers.

“It’s not about you.”

Published by Esha Shah
In the past four weeks, I have spent time visiting local community centers to learn about the various Women@Work projects …
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Watch Your Language!

Published by Tristan Malhotra
It’s funny how two pages of reading can bring together lessons from a multitude of experiences. It really goes to …
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Jumbled Head

Published by Bo Yun
To be honest, I came to San Francisco without expectations. Despite the talks about reeking streets, strong emotions, the “life …
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Don’t Sweat the Small Things

Published by Bailey Heit
“Can we move tables? I’m in the sun, and I’m sweating.” “This wifi is so slow. It always stops working.” …
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First Impressions

Published by Rachel Donaldson
“They’re looking at us like we’re zoo animals,” a client mumbled under his breath to his friend as our aggressively …
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