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Life is a (Turtle) Highway

Published by Ashley Rosen
The Before: As I stood on the bank of the Hanalei River where the river’s mouth meets the salty ocean …
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An Ode to Weedwacking

Published by Ashley Rosen
Cut hands Bruised calves Aching shoulders Sweat filled eyes Grass coated skin   The scent of mixed gasoline permeates the …
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Published by Ashley Hare
Mary’s Place: Empowering homeless women, children, and families to reclaim their lives by providing shelter, nourishment, resources, healing and hope …
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one-story building with paintings and words on the side

The Cost of Living

Published by martincala
I’ve never been in a house with no floors. That is, I had never been in such a house until …
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Street Harassment

Published by Sierra Cleveland
My partner organization, OPAL, is located on the border of “Portland” Portland and East Portland — 82nd street is basically …
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A group of students listening to a presentation on the Bonneville Dam

Bonneville Dam

Published by Selene Spatz
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) Last week, the DukeEngage group went to the Bonneville Dam, located about …
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