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The Importance of Perspectives

Published by Nini Lam
Throughout this summer, I have been slowly noticing the similarities that have tied my Duke Engage experience together with my policy …
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A return of sorts

Published by Ketty Bai
Although I only lived for a few years in nearby Montgomery County when I was little, I haven’t found a …
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Clinician Wellness and the EHR

Published by Wenjia Yu
In the past month working at the National Academy of Medicine, I’ve learned a lot about health policy and medicine …
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Bridging the Gap

Published by Nicole Kastelic
I’ve been doing a lot of listening this first week, and in doing so I’ve developed a much more robust …
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Working on K Street

Published by Haeryn Kim
Before I explain everything — I am enrolled in the DukeEngage in D.C. program that focuses on national science policy and …
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