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Ruben and the Fish

Published by SaraYuen
Ask any middle schooler about what kind of music they like to listen to, and <<See You Again>> by Wiz …
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My Fifth Week In China

Published by J
Coming upon the conclusion of my fifth week in China, I find myself in a new state.  No longer do …
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duke student surrounded by Chinese school children

Post 5 – Guns and Rhythms

Published by DanielSong
The past few days at dinner, Leo has tried to probe deeper into my beliefs and what life in America …
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Published by phyllis
Despite having mentioned this on several occasions, I am most inclined to highlight the vexatious propensity of the locals to …
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Finding My People

Published by IreneKoc
It’s crazy to think that we’re already halfway through the program and that I’ve been in Zhuhai for almost 4 …
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Mid-Program Reflections

Published by Megan Wong
Our time in Zhuhai is halfway over. I’ve been in China for four weeks now, and in four weeks from …
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Rhythmic Discovery in Zhuhai

Published by AdityaMantri
I finally feel pretty settled here. I’m used to not understanding most of the words I hear, used to going …
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Street festival

No Rest for the Weary

Published by Megan Wong
Another week has gone by, and it seems as if each week is passing more quickly than the one before …
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