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A foreign land

Published by Jack Wang
Surrealism exemplified my mental state as I called an Uber to the airport. For me, this journey started not the …
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Vocal Fireworks

Published by Andrew Tsai
Humbled by the Little Things Possibly the most memorable July 4th for me occurred halfway across the world from America. …
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Vietnam Photo Blog – Entry 1

Published by John Jernigan
Sài Gòn The cohort spent the first few days of the DukeEngage Vietnam program acclimating in Ho Chi Minh City …
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A group of us on July 4th, hanging out and eating at the restaurant owner’s farm

Vietnam 2018 Blog – External Link

Published by Cathy Stamm, DukeEngage
The 2018 DukeEngage-Vietnam cohort has decided to maintain their blog on an external site. Here’s the link to that blog. Please visit …
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