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At a Bus Stop in the Rain

Published by Matthew Griffin
The rain falls in sheets, blowing into the doorway where I have taken shelter. My walk around Zemun, a suburb …
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Exams, Cheating, Revolution?

Published by Ahana Sen
I, a second-generation child of immigrants, self-proclaimed woke teenager and attendee of DukeEngage Academy’s many sessions on cultural awareness, was …
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rain falling

The Storm

Published by John Markis
The cool breeze of the Danube River swept through my long, brown hair. Wearing my black Duke windbreaker and faded …
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A marble tomb in the middle of a large room that looks slightly like a greenhouse: a sloped glass ceiling with a clear blue, late-afternoon sky above. The floor is marble as well and there are green bushes and leafy plants around the tomb. The back wall is glass and, past some trees, the city of Belgrade is barely visible.

Two Vignettes from the Same Day

Published by Matthew Griffin
The scene by the marble tomb was too quiet, too peaceful. Outside the late-afternoon sun burnished the trees and tall …
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view of sun breaking through clouds

The Local-Foreigner

Published by Young Park
Why do I feel so comfortable here? Standing on the tram during my daily morning commute, I watched the familiar …
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Zemun, a municipality of Belgrade

Strangeness and Familiarity

Published by Carter Teng
The progression of my homesickness was alarming. I had been in Belgrade for less than two weeks when I changed …
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