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Thank you, New Orleans!

Published by Angela Liu
These two months have been incredible in so many unexpected ways, and it is definitely bittersweet to know that I …
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That’s a Wrap!

Published by Matt Shalhoub
Spending the last two months living and working in New Orleans has been an experience that I will never forget. …
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Rose, bud, thorn

Published by
Every Friday during lunch, Alex, Jamie, Lulu, and I play a little game to reflect on the past week. We …
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The World War II Museum

Published by Olivia Lee
I love museums. Absolutely love them. For every type of art, history or science I am there. On trips, I …
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Righteous Anger: A Case Study

Published by Olivia Lee
I’ve spent the last six weeks at the Audrey Hepburn CARE Center and the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center. I’ve …
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“New Orleans Nice”

Published by Claudia LaRose
Growing up in Minnesota, I have always been familiar with the phrase “Minnesota Nice.” I have always appreciated this phrase …
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Finding Rhythm

Published by Cara Leigh Downey
Two months is an awkward amount of time. I’ve always felt that way about summer. It’s just enough time to …
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Food For Friends

Published by Alexandria Hurley
  CrescentCare is an amazing organization that offers their clients a wide range of services.  I have been fortunate to …
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