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My First Day at Touro!

Published by Jande Thomas
This summer, I have the opportunity to intern at Touro Infirmary, which is a non-profit hospital in New Orleans, and …
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A Jazzy Time So Far

Published by Josh Engel
Hi everyone! My name is Josh Engel and I am a rising senior studying Biomedical Engineering. This summer I will …
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A Big Easy Welcome

Published by Janelle Carmichael
Hello! I am Janelle, a rising junior from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a pre-med student, majoring in psychology. Throughout the …
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The World War II Museum

Published by Olivia Lee
I love museums. Absolutely love them. For every type of art, history or science I am there. On trips, I …
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What it means to be from Duke

Published by Matt Shalhoub
After just completing our fifth week in New Orleans, I have noticed that no matter where our travels have taken …
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young woman at outdoor festival

It Doesn’t Feel Like a 9-5

Published by Kristel Black
First week at the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center and — wow — I really have no complaints. I truly …
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