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ICE Machine

Published by Alexander Frumkin
On our first day at my internship in Miami, the law firm’s human resources coordinator said that immigration law is…
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Kid Gloves

Published by Nicolas Aldana
All right, that's it. Kid gloves are off. I'm so tired of feeling like a child, I thought as I…
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Others Can’t Say the Same

Published by Shaiv Kittur
Imagine a life where you do not agree with the current government. You voice your opinions of disgust, attend many…
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The group strikes a cross-armed pose in front of a mural on our second day in Miami.

Saying Goodbye to the 305

Published by Eritrea Temesghen
As I’m writing my final blog post for this program, I find it hard to believe that we’re in our…
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Summer’s ending…what now?

Published by Chris Hassel
Four days left. With the internship winding down, I’ve been subconsciously trying to piece together exactly what I did this…
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Parting with the Subtle Magic

Published by Cristina M. García Ayala
As my DukeEngage experience comes to an end, I’ll admit I’m not as transformed as the flyers and brochures would’ve…
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Published by Qaiser Mahmood
Final check-in It is the end of the second to last week of DukeEngage and here I am with twenty-five…
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Looking Back

Published by Clara Yoon
As DukeEngage Miami comes to an end, I wanted to take the time to reflect on the past two months…
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