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Why Investigate?

Published by Yuexuan Chen
by  Yuexuan Chen   I’m spending the next two months in Durban, South Africa interning for a small investigative environmental …
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The Reflection

Published by Autumn Barnes
It has been exactly two weeks since the end of my independent project. Those two weeks have given me a …
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Crowded Subway Station

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Published by Connie Zhou
Doug begins to cross the street and he freezes. I try singing, I try playing his favorite songs, and I …
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A Suffering World’s Cry

Published by Anna Northup
From my solitary perch atop the parking garage, I stared out across the treetops at the distant Charlotte skyline. The …
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Compassion Fatigue

Published by Anne Littlewood
I have to admit, I didn’t really believe in the strength of compassion fatigue- until I experienced it for myself. …
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Bertoua, Cameroon

Published by Stephanie Mayle
I’m currently three weeks into my time in Cameroon, and yet it somehow feels like a lifetime. There is so …
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My Notes App

Published by Carolyn MacLeod
“Rape is not about sex. Rape is about power.” I quickly tapped this quote from an office coworker into a …
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Hitting A Wall

Published by Autumn Barnes
As I am writing this, I am at around week 4 or 5 of my summer project. I came in …
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