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Embracing Discomfort

Published by Kanav Chhabra
When people would ask me what I would be doing in Ecuador, I would have a conversation that looked like …
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a mossy rock in the foreground, students walking through a forest in the background

Buen Vivir

Published by Michael Saporito
The Quechua people have a term called sumak kawsay to refer to their philosophy regarding the relationship between the community, …
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Temporary Patients Group Photo

La Fundación Padre Damian

Published by Harry Liu
For the past month and a half, I’ve been volunteering at La Fundación Padre Damian.  It is a residential hospital …
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A panoramic of a playground

La Minga

Published by Michael Saporito
In Quechua, a minga means a contract between individuals during a meeting. In Ecuador, friends and community commonly get together …
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