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Cape Of Good Hope

Wall of Clocks

Published by Shreyas Gupta
You know those walls with clocks from all over the world? I’ve always thought we needed one in my house. …
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Looking Forward

Published by Mabelle Zhang
Half of our DukeEngage has gone by already, and it has been a learning experience through and through. For the …
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Hope In the Future

Published by Andrew Zheng
I consider myself an optimist; however, when I think of the future, I can’t help but be a bit pessimistic. …
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A Place of Contrariety

Published by Bennett Burnes
My initial view of South Africa is a place of contrariety.  From imposing mountains to the beaches and million dollar …
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First Lessons

Published by Chiara Settineri
On principle, people who apply to take part in a service trip are looking to offer something of themselves to …
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Law, Activism, and Sacrifice

Published by Victoria Wang
Before coming to Cape Town, the word “activist” evoked specific images: those of people on the streets and on campuses, …
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