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We all were children once too.

Published by Rebekah Lester
After two or three weeks of walking the same Boston sidewalk to work, blindness sets in. You begin to unsee …
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Tunnel Vision

Published by Meghana Giri
As I begin my long walk from the West Campus bus stop to Gross Hall for my next class, I …
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Time to Do The Work

Published by Harry Liang
On the LEAH Project’s first day of summer youth training, an overcast Friday where each rain cloud that rolled over …
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people posing

The Voices Outside of My Head

Published by Ryan Williams
The last two cities I have lived in have been hotbeds for human activity. My hometown of Houston is home …
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The Real #DukeDifference

Published by Ben Thier
Two words, perhaps normal to the average passerby, jumped out to the two of us as we walked along the …
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The Value of a Passion

Published by Meg Hancock '20
A History major, an Art major, and an English major all walk into a bar; they get ridiculed for pursuing …
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