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We all were children once too.

Published by Rebekah Lester
After two or three weeks of walking the same Boston sidewalk to work, blindness sets in. You begin to unsee …
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Time to Do The Work

Published by Harry Liang
On the LEAH Project’s first day of summer youth training, an overcast Friday where each rain cloud that rolled over …
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The view of Boston from the Root Cause office

Working at Root Cause

Published by Jennie Wang
Hi everyone! I’m Jennie and I’m a rising junior from Portland, Oregon studying economics and psychology. This summer I was …
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people posing

The Voices Outside of My Head

Published by Ryan Williams
The last two cities I have lived in have been hotbeds for human activity. My hometown of Houston is home …
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A Deeper Look

Published by Kaelah Brauher
Growing up in a small town in Michigan, I’ve never had much exposure to homelessness. The only homeless people I …
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historic brick building with tall spire

The High-Five Man

Published by CM
Each morning on my walk to work, I am confronted by many things. Blasting horns and sirens as the Duck …
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Why are you here?

Published by Chloe McGlynn
Wherever we are, whether it’s DukeEngage Cape Town, Thailand, Orange County, or — like me — Boston, we have been …
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