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Perspective on Climate Legislation

Published by Katie Ridgway
Mobilizing people to act on behalf of the environment is difficult because in terms of conservation and preservation, it’s often …
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The Mid-Afternoon Slump

Published by Sarah Perez
I am absolutely loving my internship this summer; the people are so smart and kind and fun, and the work …
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Renewed Optimism

Published by Mochen Ma
I came into D.C. and this program with a cynicism that I believe many of us in the United States …
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Washington DC skyline in watercolor background

Loving DC

Published by Mala Bansal
This past Friday, I went to Jazz in the Gardens. This is an event that happens every Friday in the …
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Price and Privilege

Published by Phil Ma
Our DukeEngage group had the opportunity to have dinner with President Price and discuss various topics pertaining to our university …
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Forever Duke?

Published by Wenjia Yu
The hashtags #DukeIsEverywhere and #ForeverDuke have always seemed to me, nothing more than a marketing scheme used by Duke’s student …
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