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Cape Of Good Hope

Wall of Clocks

Published by Shreyas Gupta
You know those walls with clocks from all over the world? I’ve always thought we needed one in my house. …
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Love Letters

Published by Lindsay Campbell
“We call it a ‘Positive Outcomes’ meeting, but it’s not really official or formal; all of us who work with …
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Movement Lawyering..? What’s that?

Published by Madeleine Cochrane
“Movement lawyering – who knows about it?,” asked co-founder of the Community Justice Project (CJP), Meena Jagannath, with a look …
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Looking Forward

Published by Mabelle Zhang
Half of our DukeEngage has gone by already, and it has been a learning experience through and through. For the …
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At a Bus Stop in the Rain

Published by Matthew Griffin
The rain falls in sheets, blowing into the doorway where I have taken shelter. My walk around Zemun, a suburb …
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Hope In the Future

Published by Andrew Zheng
I consider myself an optimist; however, when I think of the future, I can’t help but be a bit pessimistic. …
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It May Just Be a Pink Folder

Published by Lindsay Campbell
When my boss writes her name, she dots her “I’s” with little hearts. When she needs to file something, she …
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