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two girls smiling in front of a lake

An evergreen experience

Published by Ashley Hare
Seattle is growing pretty quickly, and with that so is its tourism industry. Coffee, an active volcano, Jeff Bezos, a…
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A21 Final Summer Blog Post

Published by Aidan Workman
Today was my last day working at A21. As I get ready to board my flight back to Durham tomorrow,…
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The Nonprofit-Industrial Complex

Published by Harrison Banner
“This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience… The potential…
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Okay, Now I’m Stirred

Published by Olivia McAuliffe
If you read my blog post from last week, you would know that I had a couple close encounters with…
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Wrapping Up

Published by Maryam Asenuga
As we wrap up, I reflect on my time here in South Africa and I look back with the utmost…
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Fair Discrimination

Published by Anna Chulack
As I approach the end of my time here in Cape Town and look forward to returning to Duke, I’ve…
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