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Unwanted Help?

Published by Nicholas Portuondo
Although it feels like forever, only seven weeks ago I was an excited and giddy DukeEngage participant starstruck by a …
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view of mountain near ocean

Not MY Place

Published by Katja Kochvar
Recently, I was asked one of those grand, sweeping questions that seem super cheesy but still leave you with your …
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A row of Sugarloafs in the Waipa Garden

Pineapples in the Kauai Garden

Published by Steven Herrera
It doesn’t take much for me to get excited about eating in the kitchen. If I see leftover cheesecake batter, …
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person holding up arms facing the ocean


Published by Amanda Cabot
“4AINA.” My boss has an enormous van, covered in various decals depicting natural symbols and brimming with water quality testing …
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The Life-Cycle of a Friendship

Published by John Sittu
(Disclaimer–this post will probably not make much sense if you haven’t read my previous post. Or perhaps not even then.) …
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people taking a selfie

Relationship Reflections

Published by Courtney Hill
As many of my housemates have emphasized in their blogs, some of the most prominent features of our program are …
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