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Published by Kayla Nguyen
“At the end of the day, all I can do is close my eyes and pray that tomorrow will be …
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Published by Bo Yun
We only have a week left of this program and realizing the short time we have left have had me …
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Published by Luis Colon Rios
I used to think to myself that graduating from high school was not an accomplishment or milestone. I didn’t think …
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Jumbled Head

Published by Bo Yun
To be honest, I came to San Francisco without expectations. Despite the talks about reeking streets, strong emotions, the “life …
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First Impressions

Published by Rachel Donaldson
“They’re looking at us like we’re zoo animals,” a client mumbled under his breath to his friend as our aggressively …
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The Power of Three

Published by Nate Rasch
I heard so much about DukeEngage before applying. “It’s life changing,” everyone would say, and then continue on to talk …
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Landscape with a body of water in the background

Facing Fears

Published by Maia Walker
I am deathly afraid of heights.   Whenever I am off the ground, I can’t help but have the irrational …
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