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My First Day at Touro!

Published by Jande Thomas
This summer, I have the opportunity to intern at Touro Infirmary, which is a non-profit hospital in New Orleans, and…
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A Jazzy Time So Far

Published by Josh Engel
Hi everyone! My name is Josh Engel and I am a rising senior studying Biomedical Engineering. This summer I will…
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Duke Engage Boston 2019 group on a boat tour in Boston.

Introduction to DukeEngage Boston 2019

Published by DukeEngage Boston
[caption id="attachment_15653" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The DukeEngage Boston 2019 Group learning about the ever-changing Boston skyline from the water of the…
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A Big Easy Welcome

Published by Janelle Carmichael
Hello! I am Janelle, a rising junior from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a pre-med student, majoring in psychology. Throughout the…
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The White Elephant in the Room

Published by Madeleine Sparrow
On my first day of in-town training at Freedom School Partners, I was startled when a simple “Good Morning” led…
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First Week on the Job

Published by Thomas Cooper
In my last blog post, I mentioned that I will be working at an organization this summer that helps to…
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group of people in a park holding signs and banners

Hypocrite or Nah?

Published by Jinny Yoon
Living in Charlotte is really pushing my buttons in different ways. Namely, I keep noticing that people of color rely…
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Welcome to Charlotte

Published by Thomas Cooper
When I first arrived in Charlotte, I was not sure what to expect from the city. I had never properly…
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Unexpectedly Learning

Published by Ulises
“ULYP Graduation.” When I first heard these words, I was unsure of what the event would consist of. Unite Lebanon…
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