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Published by Luis Colon Rios
I used to think to myself that graduating from high school was not an accomplishment or milestone. I didn’t think …
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A Look Within

Published by Arlene Arevalo
I often think about what I’m bringing back from my DukeEngage experience. I have previously delved into the idea of …
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The Best Part of my Work Day

Published by Ayana Crawl-Bey
At DukeEngage San Francisco, our 10 person cohort splits between two sites, both centered around work with homeless youth and …
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Refusing to Brace for Impact

Published by Toni Brown
I feel as though many can relate to the experience of tearing up (snot-crying) at a completely inopportune moment. My graceless …
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Jumbled Head

Published by Bo Yun
To be honest, I came to San Francisco without expectations. Despite the talks about reeking streets, strong emotions, the “life …
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First Impressions

Published by Rachel Donaldson
“They’re looking at us like we’re zoo animals,” a client mumbled under his breath to his friend as our aggressively …
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