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H2Going to Ahmedabad

Published by Paul Snyder
Before arriving at the airport and beginning my journey to India, I had many thoughts and emotions rushing through my …
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At Last, Thank You

Published by Jason Wang
It’s been 8 weeks since I arrived in Ahmedabad, but I can still distinctly remember the drive from the airport …
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a painting

Om Shanti | May Peace Be Upon You

Published by Avishek Khan
In Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, Om Shanti means “eternal peace for all of mankind.” According to Hindu scripture, is …
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Meeting with the women of Saath’s Urmila program, where they are trained to work as home managers.

“It’s not about you.”

Published by Esha Shah
In the past four weeks, I have spent time visiting local community centers to learn about the various Women@Work projects …
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Arriving in Ahmedabad

Published by Alejandra Gomez
As I travelled from Miami to London, and then to Abu Dhabi and finally to Ahmedabad, I found everyone along …
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children and grown-ups sitting on a classroom floor

Slum Does Not Equal Homeless

Published by Loren Breen
After 15 years in the United States education system, I thought I had at least a general understanding of life …
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