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Engineering Your Own Story

Published by Kelsi King
Many students are deterred from pursuing careers in STEM because of the popular misconception that anything that involves math or …
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Crowded Subway Station

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Published by Connie Zhou
Doug begins to cross the street and he freezes. I try singing, I try playing his favorite songs, and I …
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At a Bus Stop in the Rain

Published by Matthew Griffin
The rain falls in sheets, blowing into the doorway where I have taken shelter. My walk around Zemun, a suburb …
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The Power of Music

Published by Powell Lowe
As we settle in to the picturesque countryside of Vietnam, it is hard not to gawk at the beauty of …
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three people behind a picnic bench

Working at the Scrap Exchange

Published by Rebecca Shu
After having worked at the Scrap Exchange for almost three weeks now, I can confidently say that I have learned …
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