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A Review of My Internship

Published by Grace Chun
It is my last week with my community partner, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon. I haven’t really processed it yet. It …
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An Introduction to Metro

Published by Charles Keziah
When I tell people I work at Metro, I usually get one of two responses.  One is “Oh, you mean …
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A New City

Published by Grace Sipp
I have always been a city person; I love the access to and wide breadth of culture and the convenience …
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Four Flight Delays Later…

Published by Zineb Jadi
To be honest, my Duke Engage experience did not start out smoothly. It began with an unfortunate chain of events …
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My First Week in Portland

Published by Maia Matheny
Perhaps the taxi ride from the airport to the Portland State University dorms doesn’t lend ample time to make this …
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Me and the trees at Sacred Rock

Oregon Beauty

Published by Kayla Marr
Oregon offers so many opportunities to connect with nature and view the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. All of the …
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