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Week 8: Conclusion

Published by Aspen Martin
Our eighth and final week of Duke Engage Orange County consisted primarily of reflection and revision. On Monday morning, we …
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Reading and Discussions (Week 7)

Published by Morgan Chumney
This week, filled with individual readings and reflection, was an abrupt change from the commotion of camp we became accustomed …
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Orange County Program Reflection

Published by Zimeng Fan
This week we officially wrapped up with the camp session, continued and concluded with the racial equity workshop. I was …
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Week 7: All We Can Save

Published by Vinnessa Van
This was our first week after camp and the first time I didn’t have any work for Girls Inc. It …
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Week 7: Wrap-up

Published by Sabrina Sebastian-San Miguel
As our time with Girls. Inc winds down, I have been looking back on all the fond experiences and learnings …
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The Second Week of Camp

Published by Ainsley Rice
This week, my partner and I finally presented, and it went well! Our presentation focused on the groups of participants …
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