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Published by Lindsay Campbell
The courtroom relentlessly prefigures us. When Ceci and I enter, we are eminently innocent – the youngest interns, the most …
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America, The Great Deceptor

Published by Jeremy Carballo Pineda
“Este es el mejor país en todo el mundo, sin duda…”   The validity of this statement is something that …
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One Step Closer

Published by Cecilia Cardelle
Months before I ever began my internship with Dade Legal Aid, I was bombarded with warnings about how difficult it …
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Discomfort With The 1%

Published by Anh-Huy Nguyen
The privilege in the room was suffocating. I felt out of place. I felt lost. I felt alienated.   Of …
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ICE Machine

Published by Alexander Frumkin
On our first day at my internship in Miami, the law firm’s human resources coordinator said that immigration law is …
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Kid Gloves

Published by Nicolas Aldana
All right, that’s it. Kid gloves are off. I’m so tired of feeling like a child, I thought as I …
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Others Can’t Say the Same

Published by Shaiv Kittur
Imagine a life where you do not agree with the current government. You voice your opinions of disgust, attend many …
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