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Unexpectedly Learning

Published by Ulises
“ULYP Graduation.” When I first heard these words, I was unsure of what the event would consist of. Unite Lebanon …
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Memory and Storytelling

Published by Soraya
I never thought about the correlation between memory, identity and trust until I had a conversation with one of my …
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Published by Sam
BINGO! That’s right. Of all the amazing and eye-opening experiences I have had in the past eight weeks in Lebanon, …
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Published by Joel
In an unfamiliar place, it’s usually better to listen than to speak. This summer, listening carefully to the students in …
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Memory and Story Telling

Published by Isabel
I have been having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that my experience in Lebanon could sadly …
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Expectations vs. Reality

Published by Caroline
It is inevitable that many of our expectations preceding our entry into the unknown are influenced by the implicit biases …
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Reflection Session

Published by Camille
I thought the letter was beautifully written but very somber and it made me think of Beirut in a different …
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Published by Allison
During one of my English lessons, I was going over the difference between denotation, the dictionary definition of a word, …
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Language as a Barrier and Catalyst

Published by Akshay
Language is an integral part of how humans communicate. The ability to accurately and effectively express oneself allows for the …
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What is the Truth

Published by Marivi Howell-Arza
My whole life, my parents and teachers taught me that the only way to know the truth, the only way …
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