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Keeping it UP: Week 7 Reflection

Published by Manvi Malhotra
I made this chart to show some ways that I want to continue engaging in general volunteer work, potential obstacles …
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Expressing Heartfelt Thanks

Published by Jacqueline Jaffe
Dear Aaron, Thank you so much for welcoming me to the Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe team this summer. I am …
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Engaging Continues

Published by Samuel Bentlin
Well, DukeEngage is finally ending. This means no more discussions, reflections. But this is not the end of engagement, As …
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Realizing a Mission Bird By Bird

Published by Gabrielle Lee
“I now own face masks in 45 different colors,” exclaims Katherine, one of our supervisors from the Koo Foundation Sun …
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Week 7 Reflection

Published by Emma Swill
I have always been passionate about Project Morry and its mission. Working with them through Duke Engage has allowed me …
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DukeEngage Reflection Art

Published by Jacqueline Perez
  During the sixth week of my DukeEngage project, I took some time to reflect on my experience thus far …
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